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  • We undertake the design and promotion of the e-shop in the purpose of increasing the sales.
  • Appropriate structure of the content and perfect presentation of the products with special search filters.
  • We create e-shops that are not only nice, but also SELL.
  • Easy use without the need of any special knowledge.
  • Create your own e-shop and sell 24/7 365 days per year

Detailed description of the e-shop’s features



Create an E-shop with multiple product import from Excel  

The automatic import and renewing your products by using the Excel files will help you add or renew en masse the products of your e-shop.




Create an E-shop with Ajax technology in the shopping cart 

Your clients do not have to load again or to refresh the e-shop’s webpage in order to see which products have been added to the shopping cart, as this occurs automatically thanks to Ajax high technology which your e-shop shall possess. αυτό γίνεται αυτόματα χάρις την κορυφαία τεχνολογία Ajax που θα διαθέτει το eshops σας



Create an E-Shop with Interface on Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service that generates detailed statistics about a website's traffic and traffic sources. By cross-linking your e-shop with Google Analytics you can measure the sales of the products, the turnover and the traffic per day, month and year.



Create an E-Shop with various types of selling

The possibility to connect immediately your e-shop with Greek banks (Alpha Bank, Eurobank EFG, Emporiki Bank, Τράπεζα Πειραιώς-WinBank) and PayPal. All the transactions with credit cards are performed in the secure environment of the banks



Create an E-Shop with a Mobile Friendly design  

A Mobile Friendly design so that your e-shop to be viewed well on all kinds of devices (Smartphones, Tablets).



Create an E-Shop connected to the customers via Facebook / Google / Twitter / Microsoft / LinkedIn

Logging in through social media has as a result the creation of an account on the e-shop very fast with only two cliks..



Create an E-Shop with the smart search system with Ajax filters

It is a practical product search system with multiple Ajax filters, which allows customers to find with very few clicks the products they want based on certain criteria (Producer, Material, Price Range, Color, Size etc.).



Create an E-Shop with WishList

It allows your customers to create a list with the products that they intend to buy in the future.



Create an E-Shop with Products Compare

It allows your customers to compare the products based on price, delivery date, dimensions etc, so that they could choose the products that cover their needs the best way.



Create an E-Shop with confirmation via SMS

It includes confirmation SMS that is sent to the Customer and the Administrator of the e-shop upon the completion of an order. The SMS’s contain detailed information about the order.



Create an E-Shop with SSL security certificate

We encrypt the pages in the registration form and in the order procedure, when Costumers type their personal data.



Create an E-Shop with an interface to the Greek banks

All the transactions with credit cards are performed in the safe environment of Greek banks (Alpha Bank, Eurobank EFG, Emporiki Bank, Piraeus Bank, WinBank).



We can create any application that you may need in order to upgrade your e-shop or we can recommend an application customized to your needs.


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